Friday, January 27, 2023

Continuing to Transition to New UIRA Procedures 

Greetings, UIRA members: 

I’ve been visiting family in Virginia where it has been warm and with a pleasant and peaceful rain. I am writing this as I am traveling back to the upper Midwest’s January winter of cold and snow, but instead I read that there were recently tornadoes and temperatures in excess of 50 degrees. The weather seems to me to be unusually cha-otic this year. 

What is not chaotic is the work of the Board of Directors overseeing the transition from the old UIRA procedures to the new procedures. I am happy to report that the transition is proceeding as planned. The board anticipates implementing the change as soon as personnel are trained, and the new approach passes the review of profes-sional editors. So far, so good. We are holding to the promise that the dues will be maintained at $10 each year. 

The Program Committee has been busy organizing the second semester programs. The board has chosen the leadership of the Membership, Awards, Nominating, and Budget committees. If you are contacted to serve on one of these committees, I  encourage you to agree to serve. The few minutes spent as a member of a UIRA committee can be personally rewarding and quite valuable to other UI retirees. 

On behalf of the members of the Board of Directors, we wish everyone a safe and happy month. 

Best wishes to all,