Send comments and/or potential articles to  Lesanne B Fliehler.  (The Gray Hawk does not publish during July or August.)


PDF iconJanuary 2022  Upcoming winter and spring programs; UIRA president's message; photo contest reminder; call for nominations for two Volunteer Service Awards; 

PDF iconFebruary 2022  Upcoming programs; UIRA president's message; upcooming Emeritus Faculty Council program; call for nominations for Volunteer Service Awards; Photo Contest deadline extended; 

PDF iconMarch 2022  Upcoming programs; available outings; UIRA president's message; date of UIRA annual meeting; Food Pantry and Clothing Closet; 

PDF iconApril 2022  April-May programs; planned outings; UIRA president's message; recent Zoom videos; invitation to join a committee; photo contest results

PDF iconMay 2022  May program and outings; sucessful results from One Day for Iowa; UIRA president's message; descriptions of UIRA Board Member Candidates; More Award-Winning Photos from Our Contest; How UIRA members can help vulnerable U.I. students via DVIP; essay contributed by a Gray Hawk Writers Special Interest Group member

PDF iconJune 2022  June programs: kayaking and annual meeting;  UIRA president's farewell column;  report on the Walk in the Woods at Cangleska Wakan;  Michael Barron to complete Benny Hawkins’ term on the Board;  UIRA volunteer awards to Emil Rinderspacher (community service) and Warren Boe (uniersity service).

PDF iconSeptember 2022  Programs for September-October; dates for health care information sessions; Jerald Schnoor's Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; UIRA president's message; notes on Annual Meeting Slides availability, committees seeking members, list of new members; membership dues, encourage friends to join UIRA. 


PDF iconJanuary 2021  Upcoming programs:  presentations on The Novel Coronavirus and the New Vaccines, on Psychological Issues around Covid-19, and on Bird Watching;  UIRA president's message; call for nominations for Volunteer Service Awards; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; travel photo contest reminder; special interest group; UIRA Program Recordings..

PDF iconFebruary 2021  Upcoming program; photo contest deadline extended; UIRA president's message; meet president-elect Carolyn Wanat; new Share the Wealth initiative; sketch of Coralville Community Food Pantry; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; reminder on nominations for Volunteer Service Awards; follow-up on John Westefeld’s 22 January program; new Gray Hawk éditor sought; special interest group

PDF iconMarch 2021.  Upcoming program; UIRA president's message; sketch of the University of Iowa Food Pantry, new Gray Hawk editor, special interest group.

PDF iconApril 2021  Upcoming programs; UIRA president's message; sketch of Table to Table; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; photo contest winners/ special interest group

PDF iconMay 2021  Upcoming programs; UIRA board member candidates; UIRA president's message; sketch of North Liberty Food Pantry; UIRA scholarship news; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; photo contest winners/ special interest group

PDF iconJune 2021  UIRA annual meeting; UIRA Volunteer Service Awards; UIRA president's message; sketch of CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank; special interest group

PDF iconSeptember 2021  UIRA president's message; upcoming programs; new members sought for UIRA committees; 2021 UIRA presidential awards; flu vaccination options; special interest group

PDF iconOctober 2021  Upcoming programs; UIRA president's message; flu vaccine reminder; sample writing from Gray Hawk Writers Special Interest Group; 

PDF iconNovember 2021  Upcoming programs; UIRA president's message; next Emeritus Faculty Council Lecture; report on the annual meeting of the Big Ten Retirees Association from Indiana University on October 19 via Zoom; report and photos of the recent UIRA Exploration of Kent Park Trails.

PDF iconDecember 2021  December program; programs upcoming in 2022; UIRA president's message; call for nominations: Volunteer Service Awards; UIRA photo contest invitation and information; Special Interest Group: The Gray Hawk Writers; 


PDF iconJanuary 2020  Upcoming programs: FilmScene tour; Aging Successfully Using Technology presentation, tour of Iowa City airport; updates on UIRA Annual Meeting & Luncheon and on Annual Potluck; UIRA photo contest reminder; UIRA president's essay; call for nominations for Volunteer Service awards; report on December's conversation with UI President Bruce Harreld; report on bylaws update; special interest groups
PDF iconFebruary 2020   Upcoming programs: Aging Successfully Using Technology presentation, tour of Iowa City airport; Annual Meeting, Annual Potluck; call for nominations to the Board of Directors and for feedback on the Iowa City Public Library; a report on January's FilmScene tour; president's message; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; special interest groups.
PDF iconMarch 2020  Upcoming programs: presentations on Climate Change Update and Bur Oak Land Trust; tour of Iowa City airport; Annual Meeting, Annual Potluck; report on Aging Successfully Using Technology presentation (with links); UIRA Annual Meeting and Luncheon Reservation form; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; invitation to donate to the UIRA Endowed Scholarship Fund; special interest groups
PDF iconApril 2020  Cancellation of all upcoming UIRA programs and activities until this fall, due to social distancing and covid-19.  President's message.  Special interest groups.
PDF iconMay 2020  Programming notes for the rest of the year, from San Cochran.  UIRA Scholarship Recipients for 2020.  UIRA Service Award winners for 2020: Nancy Hauserman (university service), David Martin (community service).  UIRA 2020 Photo Contest Winners.  President's message.  New Members.  Special interest groups
PDF iconJune 2020   Introductions to the UIRA Board Member Candidates for 2020-2021.  UI Senior College news.  Greetings from the outgoing UIRA president.  More UIRA 2020 Photo Contest Winners; some of their photos.  Special interest groups.
PDF iconSeptember 2020   upcoming fall programs; zoom presentations available for online viewing; UIRA president's message; cwelcome to new UIRA members; welcome to new UIRA officers and directors; dues reminders; cancellation of flu vaccination clinic; special interest group.
PDF iconOctober 2020  upcoming programs; UIRA president's message; review of Kristin Morrow’s September program The Restoration of Cedar River Crossing; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; flu vaccination information; special interest group 
PDF iconNovember 2020 upcoming programs; ; UIRA president's message; call for volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee and the Awards Committee; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; revised travel photo contest rules; special interest group; Zoom recordings of UIRA programs
PDF iconDecember 2020    upcoming programs; ; UIRA president's message; call for nominations for Volunteer Service awards; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; travel photo contest remiinder; special interest group;


PDF iconJanuary 2019  upcoming programs; report on meeting with UI President Harreld; president's message; photo contest reminder; special interest groups; nominations for volunteer awards; January's Emeritus Faculty Council lecture
PDF iconFebruary 2019  upcoming program; report on January's program & follow-up article; president's message; special interest groups; upcoming Emeritus Faculty Council lectures; invitation to submit an article to the Gray Hawk
PDF iconMarch 2019  upcoming program and UIRA Annual Meeting and Luncheon (reservation form); program report for and upcoming performances of Hot Tamale Louie; president's message; special interest groups; upcoming Emeritus Faculty Council lectures; invitation to submit an article; TRAIL job search
PDF iconApril 2019  UIRA Annual Meeting and Luncheon reminder; upcoming programs; president's message; special interest groups; upcoming Emeritus Faculty Council lectures; report on Melissa Shivers' talk; report on U.I. Hawkeye Service Teams; invitation to contribute to the Gray Hawk.
PDF iconMay 2019  Details of UIRA annual picnic; notes from the April business meeting; president's message; dues reminder; special interest groups; announcement of Emeritus Faculty Lecture by Steven Burton (Law); fifth annual photo contest winners.
PDF iconJune 2019  reminder invitation to UIRA annual picnic; report on Kitty Buckwalter's April presentation; outgoing president's message; profiles of recently-(re)elected UIRA directors; special interest groups; new members
PDF iconSeptember 2019  Kent Park Tour; other announced 2019 programs; president's message; report on recent Big Ten Retirees Assn meeting in Illinois; special interest groups; next Emeritus Faculty Lecture; photos from the June 2019 UIRA picnic; membership reminder.
PDF iconOctober 2019  Kinnick Stadium tour; research project in online health searches; flu vaccination clinic; UI benefits update; a conversation with UI president Harreld; report on Kent Park tour; next Emeritus Faculty Council lecture with Lorraine Dorfman; TRAIL event with Janet Schlapkohl; UIRA Special Interest Groups; New UIRA Members 
PDF iconNovember 2019  UI benefits update, upcoming programs: conversation with UI president Harreld, tour of Iowa City municipal airport; UIRA president's message; call for volunteers for Nominating Committee  and  Awards Committee; support for the UI Food Pantry; upcoming Emeritus Faculty Council lectures; reports on UIRA flu shot clinic and Kinnick Stadium tour; special interest groups; new members
PDF iconDecember 2019  Upcoming programs: FilmScene tour; Iowa City airport tour, Aging Successfully Using Technology presentation; president's message; call for nominations for Volunteer Service awards; updates on U.I. Benefits and Food Pantry donations; Senior College courses for spring 2020; UIRA Photo Contest rules and deadline; special interest groups.


PDF iconJanuary 2018  upcoming programs; president's message; report on Advanced Driving Simulator talk; next Emeritus Faculty lecture; reminders on special interest groups, travel photo contest entries (including contest guidelines) and volunteer awards for university and community service; call for participation in UIRA nominating committee; report on President Harreld's UIRA address
PDF iconFebruary 2018  coming events (women's basketball, Dr. Peter Damiano, Dr. Thomas Schulein, Carl Klaus); available special interest groups; UIRA scholarship seeks contributions; available UIRA committes; report on UIRA Tour of New Engineering Annex; president's message; upcoming Emeritus Faculty lectures
PDF iconMarch 2018  next events (Dr. Thomas Schulein on The Changing Face of the Pentacrest, Annual Luncheon Meeting, Annual Picnic); presidents message; review of women's baskeball event; review of Dr. Peter Damiano's presentation; upcoming Emeritus Faculty lectures; invitation to special interest groups
PDF iconApril 2018  UIRA spring calendar, president's message on UI Recreational Services, its many facilities & discount prices, remaining emeritus faculty lectures, new leadership proposed, reports on Invisible Hawkeyes Presentation by Profs Lena & Michael Hill and Changing Face of the Pentacrest by Tom Schulein
PDF iconMay 2018  upcoming events; annual meeting review; president's message welcomes Diana Harris as new Grey Hawk editor; 2nd UIRA Scholarship presentation; final Emeritus Faculty Council lecture; ongoing Special Interest Groups; new UIRA leadership elected
PDF iconJune 2018 UIRA  Annual Picnic details; review of Personal and Philosophical Reflections by Rabbi Esther Hugenholtz; Michael Barron's final present's message; special interest groups; dues notice information; Iowa City area summer activities
PDF iconSeptember 2018 UIRA  fall programs previewed; president's message (Sue Otto); profile of president-elect (Emil Rinderspacher); 2018 Big 10 Retirees Association meeting at Penn State; IRB member recruitment; invitation to Special Interest Groups
PDF iconOctober 2018  upcoming programs for October, November & December; June Braverman Cast Reunion; next Emeritus Faculty Council Lectures; president Sue Otto's message; screening of The Silver Screen; new UIRA special interest group for writers
PDF iconNovember 2018  upcoming programs:  annual UIRA University Benefits Information Session, presentation on musical theater by Dr. Chris Okiishi, talk by UI President Bruce Harreld; UIRA president's message; remaining Emeritus Faculty Council lectures; background reading for next International Events and World Politics Special Interest Group; other SIGs; UIRA Photo Contest information
PDF iconDecember 2018  upcoming programs:  meeting with U.I. President Harreld, FilmScene tour, annual meeting and luncheon, Iowa City Airport tour, 


 PDF iconJanuary 2017  upcoming membership survey; coming events; president's message; report on meeting with U.I. President Harreld; volunteer opportunities; UIRA Scholarship fund link
 PDF iconFebruary 2017  Reducing The Risk Factors of Diabetes and Heart Disease; president's message; deadlines for travel photo contest & service award nominations (15 Feb) and survey (14 Feb);  scholarship progress report; social isolation in seniors; upcoming emeritus faculty lectures 
 PDF iconMarch 2017   PDF iconAnnual Meeting and Luncheon Reservation form; coming events; president's message and news; remaining Emeritus Faculty lectures; nominations for next year's UIRA leadership; Zachary Benedict's presentation on Becoming a More Age-Friendly Community; Visiting Nurses Assn. of Johnson Co.'s 7-week workshop on preventing falls; review of nutritionist Nancy Carlisle's presentation on Reducing The Risk Factors of Diabetes and Heart Disease
 PDF iconApril 2017  president's message; alternative medicine presentation (25 April); U.I. Internationalization update (16 May), Emily Hestbech is the first UIRA scholarship recipient; proposed UIRA officers for 2017-18; report on recent Iowa Flood Center presentation; update on UIRA Committee on Aging in Place; special interest group reminders; membership renewal notice.
 PDF iconMay 2017  upcoming presentation by Dean of International Programs Prof. Downing Thomas on Comprehensive Internationalization; membership renewal; president's report on membership survey; presentation of the President's Award and awards for Scholarship,, Community Service, University Service and Travel Photos; profile of the special interest group on International Events; U.I. Foundation and Alumni Association to merge; reflections by outgoing UIRA president Nancy Hauserman. 
 PDF iconJune 2017  info and directions to annual potluck picnic; Cedar River Crossings Tour; farewell from President Nancy Hauserman; membership renewal; reports on alternative medicine and U.I. internationalization programs
 PDF iconSeptember 2017  exciting fall calendar; president's message; special interest groups; Emeritus Faculty Council lecture series; Senior Center Sports Forums; new board members; report on recent Cedar River Crossing event; university benefits informational sessions; new UIRA members
 PDF iconOctober 2017  presentation on newly-created UI Center for Advancement; flu immunization clinic; presentation on The History and Current Status of Title IX; president's message; reoorts on tour of Tour Elizabeth Catlett Residence Hall and the Big Ten Retirees Association 2017 Conference
 PDF iconNovember 2017  UIRA Annual Benefits Presentation; upcoming "History and Future of Automated Driving" and "President's Retrospective on the past U.I. Year" events; dates of 2018 Annual Luncheon Meeting and Annual Picnic; UIRA scholarship fund appeal; call for Travel Photo Contest entries; UIRA president's message; call for nominations for Outstanding Volunteers to the Community and to the University; reports on recent presentations by Erin Thomas-Lewis, Christine Grant plus Joan Schnabel and Dawn Frary.
PDF iconDecember 2017  calendar of upcoming events; president's message; report on and video of annual benefits presentation; reminders on UIRA scholarship program, special interest groups, volunteer awards, travel photo contest and final emeritus faculty lecture.


PDF iconJanuary 2016  reception for U.I. President Harreld;  Virtual Soldier Program;  Iowa Political Stock Market;  The Aging Brain
PDF iconFebruary 2016  Iowa Electronic Market;  Service Award Nominations Deadline;  Hansen Football Performance Facility Tour;  Music Therapy;  Scholarship Fund
PDF iconMarch 2016  Hansen Football Performance Facility Tour;  Iowa’s Land Trusts;  Annual UIRA Meeting and Luncheon;  UIRA Scholarship Fund;  Travel Photo Contest
PDF iconApril 2016  Annual Meeting Luncheon, Election of Officers, Hills Bank Award, UIRA Scholarship Link, Mindfullness
PDF iconMay 2016  Annual Potluck, Outstanding Volunteer Service Awards, President’s Award, Hancher Preview Tour, Photo Competition
PDF iconJune 2016  Outgoing President Robalino's 'Year in Review', Annual Potluck invitation, Photo Contest manager sought, Direct Link to Scholarship Fund
PDF iconSeptember 2016  President Nancy Hauserman's incoming message, Presentation on "Optimistic Aging", Flu Shot Clinic, Voxman Music Building Tour, Three Community Events of Interest, Emeritus Faculty Council Lecture Series, President's Summary of Summer Communications 
 PDF iconOctober 2016  Voxman Music Building tour, flu clinic update, president's message, open houses, avoiding dehydration, special interest groups, direct link for donation to scholarship fund
 PDF iconNovember 2016  president's message, benefits update, photo contest, service awards nominations, retirement advice, health awareness, UIRA scholarship donation link, special interest groups
 PDF iconDecember 2016  president's message; changes in retirees’ health insurance; video of benefits update session; first-year retrospective meeting with UI President Bruce Harreld; travel photo contest; service awards nominations; special interest groups,


PDF iconJanuary 2015
PDF iconFebruary 2015
PDF iconMarch 2015
PDF iconApril 2015
PDF iconMay 2015 :May 14 program by Dr. Bruce Friedrich, ‘A Future of US Energy Outlook’; Results of election, awards from annual business meeting; Judge's comments on Travel Photo Contest; Dr. Kaskie’s presentation "Successful Aging in Academic Institutions" is accessible online; Part I on Internet security by Jane Drews
PDF iconJune 2015 Annual Potluck Picnic June 3; UIRA's 20th Year From the Outgoing President; UIRA Board Takes Shape for 2015-16; Part II on Internet security by Jane Drews; A History of the UIRA: 1995-2015; Robalino to Represent UIRA at Big Ten Conference; Dr. Friedrich: Wind Power Gaining Momentum in Iowa; UIRA MEMBERSHIP can be renewed anytime
PDF iconSeptember 2015  Greetings from 2015-2106 President; UIRA Upcoming Programs: Sept 10 Kent Park, Sept 29 Estate Planning, Oct 8 Flu Clinic, Nov 17 Kinze Innovation Center Tour; Gordon Strayer Memoir; Travel Photo Contest; Service Awards Program; Changes to UI's Email System to Affect Retirees; Special Interest Groups Linked
PDF iconOctober 2015  Annual Benefits Briefing; Ad for UIRA Webmaster; Kinze Innovation Center Tour Nov 17; Flu Clinic & Fitness Screening Oct 8; Walkers Special Interest Group Started: UI Email & Alias Possible Changes: New Members Were Welcomed; Report on the August Annual Big Ten Retirees Association Conference; UIRA Retirees Learn About County's Conservation Efforts; Turning Attention to Health Awareness New Monthly Feature; UIRA History Booklet Available; Nominations Needed for Outstanding Contributions to UI, Community Award
PDF iconNovember 2015 Travel Photo Contest; UIRA Explores Creating Endowed Scholarship; A Special letter of invitation by COMPEER; Distinguished Service Awards; Estate Planning Topics Presented by Tom Gelman; Specialized Rehabilitation Centers Help Seniors Recovery; Update on Retirees Email Status
PDF iconDecember 2015  UIRA Reception for new UI President Bruce Harreld;  Deadline for 3rd Travel Photo Contest;  UIRA Annual Meeting 21 April 2016;   2016 UIRA Programs;  NIH Website for Older Adults;  No Big Changes in Health Insurance for Retirees;  Changing webmasters


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