The Board of Directors consists of thirteen members. The Board shall promote the purposes of the association and shall act for the membership as necessary between the Association’s meetings.

The UIRA Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of each month from September through June at 1:00 p.m. in Room 427 at the Levitt Center. Members are welcome to attend to observe or address the Board.

2021 Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
PDF icon1-12-2021 PDF icon01-12-2021
PDF icon02-09-2021 PDF icon02-09-2021
PDF icon03-09-2021 PDF icon03-09-2021
PDF icon04-13-2021 PDF icon04-13-2021
PDF icon05-11-2021 PDF icon05-11-2021
PDF icon06-08-2021  








2020 Agendas and Minutes

June 2020- Annual Reports

PDF iconPresident
PDF iconMembership
PDF iconTreasurer
PDF iconGray Hawk
PDF iconSenior College
PDF iconNominations
PDF iconPrograms

Agendas Minutes
PDF icon1-14-2020 PDF icon1-14-2020
PDF icon2-11-2020 PDF icon2-11-2020
PDF icon3-10-2020 PDF icon3-10-2020
  none (covid-19)   none (covid-19)
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PDF icon6-9-2020 PDF icon6-9-2020
PDF icon9-8-2020 PDF icon9-8-2020
PDF icon10-13-2020 PDF icon10-13-2020
PDF icon11-10-2020 PDF icon11-10-2020
PDF icon12-8-2020 PDF icon12-08-2020







2019 Agendas and Minutes

April 2019- Annual Reports

PDF iconPresident
PDF iconMembership
PDF iconTreasurer
PDF iconGray Hawk
PDF iconSenior College
PDF iconNominations
PDF iconPrograms
PDF iconMinutes

Agendas Minutes
PDF icon1-8-2019 PDF icon1-8-2019
PDF icon2-12-2019 PDF icon2-19-2019
PDF icon3-12-2019 PDF icon3-12-2019
PDF icon4-9-2019 PDF icon4-9-2019
PDF icon5-14-2019 PDF icon5-14-2019
PDF icon6-11-2019 PDF icon6-11-2019
PDF icon9-3-2019 PDF icon 9-3-2019
PDF icon10-8-2019 PDF icon10-8-2019
PDF icon11-12-2019 PDF icon11-12-2019
PDF icon12-10-2019 PDF icon12-10-2019








2018 Agendas and Minutes

April 2018- Annual Reports

PDF iconPresident
PDF iconMembership
PDF iconMinutes
PDF iconIncome & Expenses
PDF iconGrey Hawk Newsletter
PDF iconSenior College
PDF iconProgram Committee
PDF iconNominations Committee

Agendas Minutes
PDF icon1-9-2018 PDF icon1-9-2018
PDF icon2-13-2018 PDF icon2-13-2018
PDF icon3-13-2018 PDF icon3-13-2018
PDF icon4-10-2018 PDF icon4-10-2018
PDF icon5-8-2018 PDF icon5-8-2018
PDF icon6-12-2018 PDF icon6-12-2018
PDF icon9-11-2018 PDF icon9-11-2018
PDF icon10-9-2018 PDF icon10-9-2018
PDF icon11-13-2018 PDF icon11-13-2018
PDF icon12-11-2018 PDF icon12-22-2018








2017 Agendas and Minutes

April 2017 - Annual Reports

Agendas Minutes
PDF icon01-10-2017 PDF icon01-10-2017
PDF icon02-14-2017 PDF icon02-14-2017
PDF icon03-14-2017 PDF icon03-14-2017
PDF icon04-11-2017 PDF icon04-11-2017
PDF icon05-09-2017 PDF icon05-09-2017
PDF icon06-13-2017 PDF icon06-13-2017
PDF icon09-12-2017 PDF icon09-12-2017
PDF icon10-10-2017 PDF icon10-10-2017
PDF icon11-14-2017 PDF icon11-14-2017
PDF icon12-12-2017 PDF icon12-12-2017








2016 Agendas and Minutes

April 2016 - Annual Reports

Agendas Minutes
PDF icon01-12-2016 PDF icon01-12-2016
PDF icon02-09-2016 PDF icon02-09-2016
PDF icon03-08-2016 PDF icon03-08-2016
PDF icon04-12-2016 PDF icon04-12-2016
PDF icon05-10-2016 PDF icon05-10-2016
PDF icon06-14-2016 PDF icon06-14-2016
PDF icon09-13-2016 PDF icon09-13-2016
PDF icon10-11-2016
PDF icon11-08-2016

PDF icon11-08-2016

PDF icon12-13-2016

PDF icon12-13-2016










2015 Agendas and Minutes

April 2015 - Annual Reports

Agendas Minutes
PDF icon01-13-2015 PDF icon01-13-2015
PDF icon02-10-2015 PDF icon02-10-2015
PDF icon03-10-2015 PDF icon03-10-2015
PDF icon04-14-2015 PDF icon04-14-2015
PDF icon05-12-2015 PDF icon05-12-2015
PDF icon06-09-2015 PDF icon06-09-2015
PDF icon09-08-2015 PDF icon09-08-2015
PDF icon10-13-2015 PDF icon10-13-2015
PDF icon11-10-2015 PDF icon11-10-2015
PDF icon12-08-2015 PDF icon12-08-2015


2014 Agendas and Minutes

April 2014 - Annual Reports

Agendas Minutes
PDF icon01-14-2014 PDF icon01-14-2014
PDF icon02-11-2014 PDF icon02-11-2014
PDF icon03-11-2014 PDF icon03-11-2014
PDF icon04-08-2014 PDF icon04-08-2014
PDF icon05-13-2014 PDF icon05-13-2014
PDF icon06-10-2014 PDF icon06-10-2014
PDF icon09-09-2014 PDF icon09-09-2014
PDF icon10-14-2014 PDF icon10-14-2014
PDF icon11-11-2014 PDF icon11-11-2014
PDF icon12-09-2014 PDF icon12-09-2014


2013 Agendas and Minutes

April 2013 - Annual Reports

Agendas Minutes
PDF icon02-12-2013 PDF icon02-12-2013
PDF icon03-12-2013 PDF icon03-12-2013
PDF icon04-09-2013 PDF icon04-09-2013
PDF icon05-14-2013 PDF icon05-14-2013
PDF icon06-11-2013 PDF icon06-11-2013
PDF icon09-10-2013 PDF icon09-10-2013
PDF icon10-08-2013 PDF icon10-08-2013
PDF icon11-12-2013 PDF icon11-12-2013
PDF icon12-10-2013 PDF icon12-10-2013