Ever Think of Yourself as a Webmaster?
UIRA Has Just Such an Opportunity

Want to meet nice people? Do something worthwhile? Benefit colleagues? Stay active? Keep fit mentally? Look no further: The UIRA has an opening for webmaster. If you know how to use a computer and a word processor such as MS Word or OpenOffice and have the desire to learn something new, this is a great opportunity to learn how to update and maintain a website. Web page experience is not a prerequisite.

The UIRA website, uira.org.uiowa.edu, is hosted by the University of Iowa. It uses the web content system SiteNow, which is built off the Drupal content management system. The SiteNow Home page— sitenow.uiowa.edu/about —states:
“Simple web-based editing - no special software required
Managing and updating your content is simple and straightforward via a standard web browser and the easy to use WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) interface.”

The current webmaster spends about 2 to 4 hours per month maintaining the site. The webmaster updates the UIRA website as necessary, which includes uploading the monthly newsletters, meeting minutes and agendas; converting various documents to pdf format; adding announcements; removing out-of-date items and making any other changes as deemed necessary by the webmaster.
Support documentation can be viewed at: its.uiowa.edu/sitenow/support .