In response to questions from several UIRA members regarding the upcoming migration of our UI email, ITS has provided the following clarifications:

Emeritus faculty should have already been moved to Office 365 when the department they are associated with was moved.  Emeritus faculty are being treated the same as regular faculty and staff and will receive full support, etc. 

The ITS Help Desk will continue to provide support for the migration (and going forward) for retirees for the web interface to Office 365 available at  The web interface is very good and we believe it should meet the needs of retirees.  What we are NOT going to support going forward for retirees is email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, etc.  While these clients will continue to work (we are not blocking them), retirees will be on their own for getting them to work.

When we migrate retirees to Office 365, the email address will initially remain  However, we will be implementing a change to this service going forward so that retiree addresses will become  One of the concerns about continuing to provide University email accounts for retirees is that they could be “representing” The University of Iowa, when they were no longer in an official capacity to do so.  One of the agreements made when it was decided to continue to provide email accounts for retirees was that we would change the email address.  We will share more information about this when the change is ready, and there will be a transition period where both addresses will work.