Higher education is a door that opens multiple and diverse opportunities for students.  UIRA, with the assistance of the University of Iowa Foundation, has created a non-endowed UIRA Scholarship to help students further their education at the University of Iowa by assisting them with their financial needs.

The UIRA Scholarship announced by President Beverly Robalino last month is already receiving donations and will be matched with $5,000 from UIRA reserves when donations reach the $5,000 level.  You can make your donation today using this direct link.  Here are a few ideas for giving:

  • Friends and former colleagues who are retiring can appropriately be honored by a donation to the UIRA Scholarship Fund.
  • A memorial or honor gift will also help grow the funds to make it feasible to begin making awards form the non-endowed fund in the University of Iowa Foundation.
  • Or ask/tell friends or family this is your honor gift of choice for your next special occasion.

What is a non-endowed scholarship fund?

A non-endowed scholarship fund requires a $12,500 minimum deposit.  Funds received above this amount can be awarded as scholarships.  The Board of Directors voted to award University of Iowa scholarships to deserving University of Iowa students, with a preference given to students who are residents of the state of Iowa, are in good academic standing, academically considered to be of sophomore, junior, or senior status, and who demonstrate financial need.  The number and amount of annual awards will be determined by UIRA in consultation with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Why support the scholarship fund?

Establishing the UIRA scholarship helps UIRA and its members support both students and the University.  UIRA asks members to seriously consider this opportunity to give.  Donations are tax deductible.  Donations are a great way to honor new retirees, the UIRA and a deserving University of Iowa student.

What is the future goal for the scholarship fund?

The future goal for the UIRA scholarship fund is to ultimately create an endowed scholarship fund.  The establishment of the non-endowed fund allows UIRA to begin awarding scholarships after meeting the $12,500 deposit requirement.  An endowed scholarship fund requires a minimum deposit of $50,000 before any scholarships can be awarded.  The Board’s intent is to award scholarships under the non-endowed scholarship framework as it grows to the ultimate goal of reaching $50,000.  Once the fund reaches $50,000, the non-endowed scholarship status can be changed to a permanent endowed fund and the earnings from the $50,000 investments used to award scholarships.  An endowed scholarship is the optimum way to ensure permanent financial support.

How can I give to the scholarship fund?

No donation is too small or too large.  To give to the scholarship fund, just go to the UIRA Scholarship Fund (30-120-337) link at the University of Iowa Foundation website. There, enter your amount to be donated.  Then click on "Check Out" and follow the prompts.  You may, if you wish, designate some individual whom your donation honors.  Shortly after completing your donation, you will receive a summary e-mail from the UI Foundation for your records, recapitulating the details of your gift.

Alternatively, you may print, clip and fill in the form on page 4 of the March 2016 Grey Hawk and mail it, along with your donation, to the University of Iowa Foundation, Levitt Center for University Advancement, P.O. box 4550, Iowa City, IA, 52244-4550.