ITS distributed this informative PDF iconOutlook 365 Support Info handout at the meeting.

If you have questions about the attached information, please contact the ITS Help Desk (319) 384-HELP (4357).

Meeting notes  –  by Beverly Robalino

Approximately 50 people attended the ITS meeting

The University is currently operating the Office 365 for Education.  This version of 365 is designed for large enterprises and higher education.

ITS will start migrating approximately 2,500 retirees to Office 365 on March 14, 2016.

Emeritus faculty who are still receiving a pay check from the University should have already been migrated to the new system with their respective departments.  They will continue to have access to all the features of Office 365

Emeritus faculty who are no longer receiving a pay check from the University will only have access to email and calendar after the migration.   

All other retirees will have access to only the email and calendar portion of Office 365 after the migration.

If retirees want access to more than the University’s offering of the Office 365 email/calendar, they will need to purchase their own copy of Office.  Office 365 Personal costs $69/yr. and Office 365 Home (good for up to 5 computers) costs $99/yr.   These subscriptions come with updates.

The email migration will not affect Office if it is already installed on your computer.

The use of an “alias” (transfer of UI email to a personal email account such as gmail, AOL etc.) will not change.  The migration will have no effect on this function.

The email migration will move all your folders.  Email addresses should move with your email.

UI Central Help Desk will continue to support the Web-based interface which includes the new web mail, calendar, tasks, and persons (contacts) in Office 365.  If you have other software such as Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc. the software will still work after the email migration but the ITS Help Desk will no longer provide help for this software.

Call the UI Help Desk if you want to discontinue your UI email

It will be very evident when the migration has been completed.  Just follow the prompts.

Email access will be:

Hawk ID and your password will remain the same.

UIHC operates its own email system and is not affected by the migration.  UIHC employees lose their UI email when they retire.   The University will allow UIHC retirees to use the University email system.

UI spam protection will remain the same

University is expected to change email addresses to: in the future. Exact date for this change is unknown.   ITS will send an email when this change is scheduled.  Many concerns were raised about the addition of “retirees” to the email.   The suggestion for the “retiree” identifier came from a University auditor.