Charlie Anderson, UIRA member and TRAIL of Johnson County Board member, informs us, by way of thanks and explanation, that in the spring of 2014, the UIRA Board established an ad hoc Committee on Aging in Place.  They appointed Charlie Anderson, Nancy Lynch and Nancy Williams as members.  That UIRA committee created TRAIL (Tools and Resources for Active Independent Living) and sponsored the group’s membership in Village to Village, a national organization of over 200 established villages and 150 developing villages.  TRAIL became identified as a developing village with SAIL (Sharing Active, Independent Lives) of Madison,WI, as the mentor village.  In 2015, TRAIL joined forces with a north side Iowa City neighborhood group searching for a way to age in place.  Eventually a free standing 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, TRAIL, was formed.

Beginning in April 2017, TRAIL will be accepting members and will begin providing volunteer services such as transportation to appointments, events, medical advocacy, daily check-ins and minor home maintenance on request as well as social events and educational programs.  For services that cannot be provided by volunteers, TRAIL will provide a list of prescreened service providers.  Further information is available on the web site.  Thank you, UIRA, for having the foresight to establish the initial committee and the commitment to the possibility of aging in place.