UIRA representatives Beverly Robalino and Nancy Hauserman met with Steve Fleagle, Associate VP and University Chief Information Officer, on September 10 to discuss the status of retirees’ use of UI email and aliases. Steve indicated the decision regarding retirees access to UI email and aliases would most likely be made in the next few weeks or month.  The final decision rests ultimately with the Provost and interim VP of Finance.   As some of you know, there are really two separate issues here: one is the issue of retirees being able to continue to use the uiowa email alias (i.e. firstname-lastname@uiowa.edu) as your address.  The other issue has to do with whether retirees can continue to receive that email on the University server or it would need to be routed to a different server.

We suggested retirees would most likely be willing to pay some reasonable amount to the University for the continued use of the UI email system and aliases.   Steve did not think the final decision would necessarily be determined by cost factors and he made it clear no decision had yet been made.  He said the final decision would be a university “policy” decision.  The primary concern is likely to center around the need to prevent misuse or misrepresentation.  

We asked Steve what the other Regent institutions were doing regarding email for retirees.  He said ISU is now in the process of shifting away from the policy of allowing retirees continued access to ISU email.  UNI will continue with their current practice to allow retirees the use of UNI email.   The use of an alias is entirely unique to UI.  The other two institutions’ technology never had the alias capability.

Steve was certainly open to talking to us and promised to keep us in the loop.  As we learn more, UIRA will continue to keep you informed.