UIRA President Emil Rinderspacher reports that Illinois hosted this year's Big Ten Retirees Association meeting on August 2-4.  Twenty-four delegates representing 12 of the 14 institutions attended (missing Rutgers and Maryland).  Emil Rinderspacher and President-elect Sam Cochran represented UIRA.  The purpose of these annual meetings is to compare our organizations' governance, finances, programs, and engagement strategies, and get ideas on how we can improve our respective organizations and services to members.

The theme of this year's conference was "Reinventing Retirement", and it featured a morning of presentations by faculty and students in the CHART program, an interdisciplinary research program at Illinois devoted to supporting research that promotes aging successfully through the use of technology.  One of the more informative presentations was their work with smart technologies and seniors.  It was fascinating stuff and got us thinking about some future UIRA programs.  We will host this conference in August 2020 and Mike Barron is chairing the planning group.