UIRA President Robalino informs us that ITS has responded to the following questions from our UIRA members, and has offered to meet with UIRA members (time/date to be announced).

1.  Does ITS provide support for retirees another computers, phones, etc?  Is there a cut-off date for this service?  

Yes, the Help Desk will continue to provide support for retirees at this time.  The only thing we are limiting at this time is support for email clients (other than the web-based interface).  We are reviewing the overall level of support that we are offering, and this may change or involve additional restrictions in the future.  ITS is running into situations where they are supporting some retirees for 1-2 hours or more at a time.  This is very challenging for ITS from a staffing level, and the majority of the time the support appears to have nothing to do with University business.  ITS is trying to figure out how to find the right balance.   

2.  Do we need to purchase Office 365 to use the new email?

Microsoft has a confusing message around Office – they have so many versions:

==>Microsoft Office – is the set of applications that you install on your Windows or Macintosh computer (e.g. Word, Excel, etc.)   That will continue and the change ITS is making should have no impact on Microsoft Office.

==>Office 365 actually comes in a number of different flavors:
Office 365 Personal or Home Edition is designed for an individual or family to purchase.  It provides access to a number of services including the ability to install the full Microsoft Office suite of applications.  Microsoft charges a monthly or yearly subscription for this service.
Office 365 Business or Education is what ITS runs here at the University.  This is actually a very different solution from what an individual or family would purchase (so it is confusing that both are called Office 365).  This is what provides the email account (and a number of other services for students, faculty and staff including the ability to install Microsoft Office).  However the only piece of this that ITS is legally allowed to provide to retirees (and former students) is the email portion.  We have to turn off everything else.

3.   After the migration and after the new email addresses are adopted, how long will retirees have to notify their contacts of their new email addresses?

How long retirees have to notify their contacts of the new email address is still under some discussion.  Currently we are planning for 6 months.

4.  With the email migration will retirees be able to continue using aliases?

If someone is currently forwarding their email firstname-lastname@uiowa.ed to another account such as AOL, etc. that will continue to work at this time; the changes ITS is making should not impact them.  Someone who is forwarding their alias should not have an actual email account with us at this time and the only change we are making is to the email accounts.

update from president Nancy Hauserman (19 December 2016):  

Many of us received an email from Jane Drews, Chief Information Security Officer for the University of Iowa.  She wrote about needing to use a two-step verification process when we signed into Employee Self-Service. This verification process is required ONLY if you use Employee Self Service.  If you didn’t receive the email from Jane Drews PLEASE JUST IGNORE THIS MATTER. Don’t think about it even.  If you did receive the email and do NOT use Employee Self-Service anymore, then just go on about your evening and pay no attention to two step process admonition.  You are, at least right now, home free!  Okay but  IF you DO use self-service then, well, don’t lose any sleep about it but you do need to pay attention and figure out the two step process.  Luckily there is a help desk at ITS if you need them.