President Nancy Hauserman shared the results of the membership satisfaction survey in her report to membership at the annual meeting.  Here are some notable facts: 237 of the 655 members returned the survey and their length of membership was from six months to 30 years.  The gender demographics and reports of those attending events were comparable to membership numbers, validating the survey sample.  Similarly, only 6.52% reported participating in one of the Special Interest Groups.  An overwhelming majority (87%) said they were satisfied with programming.  The new UIRA Scholarship was supported by 51.98% of the respondents, while 33.92% were unsure of the project and 14.1% did not support the scholarship effort.  The wording of the survey made it unclear if this was lack of support for the concept or lack of intent to make financial contributions.

The next step involves taking the results and putting them into action.  Additional survey findings getting a closer look include these:
>> There were 50 great suggestions for future programs that provide a head start on program planning.
>> Readership of The Gray Hawk was a healthy 92% and there were good ideas for new features.
>> Special Interest Group participation is low, but there were specific ideas for organizing new groups….  If you suggested one and you and your friends will convene, please tell any board member!
>> Future day trips organized by UIRA were appealing to 41.56% of the members with 48.92% indicating they may be interested and 9.52% saying “no way.”
>> For 97.82% of members the amount of communication is satisfactory.

Overall satisfaction?  Happily, 44.35% of membership liked the UIRA a great deal, 40% liked it a moderate amount, 6.52% liked it a little with 9.13% neutral.  Rest assured, the energy and activity in the coming UIRA year will be to create programs and activities to bring the “other 55%” into the highest level of satisfaction.