Nominations for the second annual awards recognizing two UIRA members for outstanding volunteer service are now being accepted. One award is for contributions to the community.  The other is for contributions to the University.  The process for administering the two awards — including eligibility criteria, nomination and selection -- is similar, except that one focuses on community volunteer service and the other on University volunteering.  Board member Pam Willard is chair of the ad hoc Awards Committee.

 The purpose of the awards program created last year is to recognize UIRA members for their service; draw attention to contributions that retirees make; and encourage retirees to continue to offer their talents and
skills in ways that benefit the community and University.  Last year’s winners were Nancy Lynch for Outstanding Community Service and Al Hood for Outstanding University Service.  In addition to this recognition, a $100 donation is made to the charity of choice of the two UIRA honorees.

Eligibility and Criteria are as follows: 
*A nominee must have been retired for a period of at least two years.
*The awards are based on outstanding service carried out since retirement.  (Activities prior to retirement are not considered.)
*Volunteer service may include a wide range of activities that make a positive impact.
*Members of the Selection Committee are ineligible for nomination.
*Announcement of the award recipient will be made at the UIRA annual meeting.
*Recipients are expected to be present at the annual meeting to accept the award.

Nomination details:
*Any UIRA member may nominate a UIRA member, including him/herself.
*The nominating letter should be limited to one page, describing how the nominee has successfully contributed through his or her involvement in one or more activities.  In addition, a one-page biography of the
nominee must be submitted and include the nominee’s name, address, telephone number and email address.
*A member of the selection committee will contact the nominee to obtain additional information about her/his relevant volunteer activities.
*Nominations must be submitted to the UIRA Board member Pam Willard by January 31, 2016: or Pam Willard, 657 Larch Lane, Iowa City IA 52245.

The selection committee will be comprised of five UIRA members, two each from faculty and staff, as well as the UIRA president.