Interested in Movies? World Events? Latin America? Here’s Your Chance to Share Your Interest with Others

UIRA is forming three Special Interest Groups. Each group will meet monthly and discuss topics of shared interest. The groups are being formed with the prospect of adding more in the future. Additional details, including how to sign up, will be announced later. Here are the three topics being planned:

Cinemafanatics: Do you enjoy movies? Are you entertained as well as appreciative of the other messages that may be included: history, human events, social issues, ethics, character development,
etc? Would you enjoy interacting and sharing with other aficionados? The format is similar to that of a book group. Individual members rotate in selection of the movie for that month. Each person then watches the movie on his/her own time. At the meeting, the movie selector leads the discussion.

International Events and World Politics: There’s a lot going on in the world. What recent foreign event(s) have caught your interest? Why is it significant for you? What background information helps make sense of it? How does it fit in to some larger picture? Let’s share our perspectives on the world we live in.

Friends of Latin America: Are you fascinated by Latin America? This group will be drawn together to discuss subjects of interest south of the border anywhere from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego. In addition to significant happenings, we will discuss popular retirement sites and share experiences visiting such centers of civilizations as the Aztecs, Maya, Inca and Canyaris. Recipes of authentic Latin American dishes will be shared, along with adventures to exotic destinations from the jungles to the Andes.