A new book titled Yesterdays: Memoirs from the Gray Hawk Writers is now available in Iowa City bookstores and through other booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The 330-page book is a collection of articles by a local group that has been meeting every other Thursday for 15 years. Names of the 24 authors in the anthology will be familiar to many.

The writing group began in 1999 when Sam Becker, who was UIRA president during 1998-99, suggested to colleagues that they preserve history by writing about their experiences. Gordon Strayer proposed memoir writing.

The 330-page book is edited by Alan Brody, a retired UNICEF executive, and published by CreateSpace Publishing.

The back cover of the book contains this description:

"The Gray Hawk Memoir Writers have been sharing their stories with each other since 1999. They came of age during the Great Depression, World War II, and the volatile 1960s, and now look back. In Yesterdays they offer a selection of their work, providing a variety of perspectives and insights into 20th century life. Readers may find both entertainment and wisdom in these joyful, sometimes hilarious, poignant, and occasionally deeply moving memoirs from America's heartland."