UIRA is well underway in its project of moving membership and event management to an online system.  After researching non-profit organizational management systems last year, the board authorized the purchase of the software product NeonCRM. It's a very robust system, and we are currently configuring the membership management, event management, reporting, and communication modules.  As part of this project, we are pursuing a new website design.  Our goal is to have the UIRA homepage as a destination page where members and prospective members will go to access their membership account or in the case of new members, set up their account.  We want more dynamic content and pictures on our site.  We still will maintain much of the archival information on the site but want to feature current happenings--events, the food drive, photo contest, etc.  UIRA members Kay Barron and Russ Lenth are assisting us with the configuration and implementation of NeonCRM.  It's a huge project that started in September and we are still months away from going live with the system. Lois Lembke has done a tremendous amount of work getting membership records into the new system.  Thanks to Kay, Russ, and Lois for their leadership and the countless hours they've spent on this project.