There is good news to report regarding retirees continued use of UI email.  Nancy Hauserman and I met with Steve Fleagle, VP and UI Chief Information Officer, this afternoon.  The University has decided to continue to provide email service for retired staff and non-emeritus faculty.  There will be no cost for this service and there will be a sign-up process.  As a part of the sign-up process, retirees will need to agree to the University's acceptable use policy (AUP) which will be similar to existing policies in the UI operations manual.  The email will use the 365 platform.  Steve said the retirees email plan should be ready in spring 2016 and he agreed to present the plan to UIRA.  We would try to have a least two presentations to give everyone the opportunity to ask questions.  Steve assured us retirees would be given a reasonable time to make the transition to the new system.  Emeritus faculty will continue to use their current email and will not be affected by the new plan.  I feel very pleased with this outcome.  (Beverly Robalino, UIRA President)